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A couple of hard examples:  In "The Stars and Stripes Forever", the form (counting the repeated sections) is 

Intro AABBCDC'DC'.  
The C strain is the famous "be kind to your web footed friends" tune, with the C' sections having the famous piccolo solo and trombone countermelody.  The D section (low brass alternating with everyone else) is commonly called "the dogfight".  The trio starts with the first C section.

Another, possibly more familiar to non-US types, is "Under the Double Eagle".

Intro AABBinterludeCC (and sometimes a repeat of everything through the B)  The B strain here is the dogfight, the Interlude is the start of the trio.

The phrase comes from the Baroque form "Minuet and Trio" and the later Classical era form "Scherzo and Trio".   Funny to know that the Trio was not necessarily the 3rd section of the piece, but that's the name that section was given.  The Trio was a different feel from the Minuet or the Scherzo, if "feel" can be related in those eras.

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