[Dixielandjazz] Hot Dance and Tex Wyndham

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Fri Jul 4 22:44:56 PDT 2008

Steve B wrote...

>I was, I thought, being humorous in my response to your comment that;
>"hot dance" was not an irrelevant term. It was not an attempt to put
>you down, but rather  an attempt to fully explain my point. Plus, I
>thought those You Tubes of the young ladies doing a Hot Dance were
>very funny.

I didn't think it was humorous. I thought it was, to be quite frank, silly
and pointless. And yes, I did feel it was an attempt to put me down. But
here's the point I'm making, and I've made it before:

I've done my own research on jazz history. I don't have to rely on Tex
Wyndham's interpretation of it. I don't particularly care if you think
that he is the last word, but, before you step into it any further, you
might want to do a little bit of research among other jazz historians and
musicians as to their opinion of Tex.

That being said, I know personally that Tex's heart is in the right place,
and he loves the music. But I don't and never will agree with him or his

I also suggest you take a look at Scott Yanow's book entitled Trumpet
Kings. Take a look at the entries for me and Tex.

Now I must get back to the youtube video of Roy Eldridge and Sidney
Bechet, which I find vastly more interesting than Brittany Spears.

Chris Tyle

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