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Jessie -
You didn't indicate where you are located, so this may not be useful for you.  There are two opportunities that I am aware of in California.  There is a group in Sacramento that sponsors both a youth and adult camp at rustic Sly Park in the Sierras.  See: http://sacjazzcamp.org/saccampadultpage.html
The next session is in early August and you would need to contact Bill Dendle at: (916) 927-5222 or bdendle at winfirst.com  ASAP for details.  It may already be booked up. 
The other camp is in San Diego in January. It also tends to fill up quickly.  See http://www.dixielandjazzfestival.org/jazzcamp.html  . The accomodation are much less rustic!
The methods used for instruction are very different at the two camps.  Each has their advantages and disadvantages.  I would suggest that anyone attending one of these sessions have a fair mastery of their instrument since the instructors are there to advise as to style and method: not how to play the instrument. 
I am not aware of anything that is part of a festival, except perhaps the youth camp that is part of the Mammoth festival.  As an alternative you might consider festivals that may have "jammer" sessions.  For example,the San Diego Dixieland Festival over Thanksgiving has lots of jammer sets moderated by Dick Williams of the Jazz Sea Jammers.
Kay in Gilroy

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Hi there to all! I am new to the listserve and eager to ask a question. 

Would anybody know of any spectacular dixieland summer festivals/camps that are
coming up soon? One that is geared towards educating with lessons, small groups,
and the like? 

I've just started playing dixieland clarinet in a band, but would like to
learn more of the 'tricks' and more of how it's really
'supposed' to be played. 

Any help would be sincerely appreciated!

Jessie Berne
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