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Dear Bob,
   I believe Jerry Fuller lives in New England somewhere, but my 
understanding is that he is not in the best of health these days.
   Suggest you (or Charles Kercher) contact trumpeter Bobby Lewis at 
bobby at bobbylewis.com. His phone is 847-256-2788. I have heard him play 
recently in LaCrosse and Chicago Ridge for the Illiana Club of Trad Jazz. I 
still have an old LP entitled "Dixieland - Chicago Style" that featured 
Bobby and Jerry with the late Dave Remington. It's a great LP.
   You might also want to contact Eddy Banjura, the Illiana founder. That 
happened about 30 years ago in Dyer, IN at a small nightclub where Jerry 
Fuller led the jazz combo there. Eddy is still a big Fuller fan, as am I. 
His E-mail address is jazzeddy at aol.com and phone in Hammond, IN is 
   I hope that this message goes thru to you OK. Earlier today I sent out 
Thanksgiving greetings to many friends, including you, but your server 
rejected it as being "probable SPAM". If you do in fact get this, I'll say 
"HAPPY THANKSGIVING" to you again.   Sincerely,   Bob Cook    Moline, IL 

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