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Marty Nichols marnichols at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 23 04:46:21 PST 2007

Art Wood,
  Alas the brief post I made didn't make clear my intent. I also am a very big admirer of Hackett's music and know very little of his personal life; certainly nothing doubtful about his character.. The point I intended was that his music is so heavenly he must have been almost angelic as a person , that is if we follow the line that the artist's personal life produces the music. I believe he had a wonderful gift and  that he was just like everyone else, human in his personal life. Most of us will agree that to be human Carry's the penalty of being less than angelic and less than perfect at the end of the day, so to speak. So, my "theory" is that the "greatness"  of a musician's accomplishments is attributable more to his/her gift than to personal traits. This serves to explain the Rosolino case in my opinion and explains how some of us can enjoy his work in spite of his personal life.
  Marty Nichols
  Rockledge, FL
Artwoo at aol.com wrote:
      I am baffled at your remarks about Bobby Hackett, whom I admire greatly. Is there something in his history that has a bearing on his playing or personal life? If he was involved in an unsolved murder or beat his wife, then I would ascribe to the theory that someone can be a great player yet have a rotten personal life.
  TIA and Happy Thanksgiving!
  Art Wood

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