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Standard CD players read their own format. I don't know what the technical
specifications are, but a standard directory request of an audio CD as
though it were a data CD-ROM gives a list of files with a "CDA" extension.

The conventional wisdom is that trying to play anything other than a
standard audio CD in a regular player may damage the equipment because the
player can't read anything but CDA files, yet it senses that some sort of
file is there, so it keeps bumping up the gain in its attempts to read until
something burns out.

Audio CD mastering software such as NERO and EASY CD CREATOR read the audio 
data files (WAV, MP3, etc.) and convert them to the CDA format and then burn 
the CDA's onto the disc.


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> .........Has anyone any idea what format sound files have to be in to be
> played on a standard Cd player?

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