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I'm sure what you say is right but sometimes they work great and there is no 
problem at all.  The CD's are burned as audio files.  Sometimes they just 
won't work.

I think what you are saying about burning out something is really about 
putting a data CD with standard non audio files into a CD player.  That can 
get to be pretty noisy.  A friend couldn't get one to eject either.  I'm not 
sure what he did to get it out.  Other than getting noisy I would doubt that 
anything would be damaged other than your hearing.  But who needs that? 

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> Standard CD players read their own format. I don't know what the technical
> specifications are, but a standard directory request of an audio CD as
> though it were a data CD-ROM gives a list of files with a "CDA" extension.
> The conventional wisdom is that trying to play anything other than a
> standard audio CD in a regular player may damage the equipment because the
> player can't read anything but CDA files, yet it senses that some sort of
> file is there, so it keeps bumping up the gain in its attempts to read 
> until
> something burns out.
> Audio CD mastering software such as NERO and EASY CD CREATOR read the 
> audio data files (WAV, MP3, etc.) and convert them to the CDA format and 
> then burn the CDA's onto the disc.
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>> .........Has anyone any idea what format sound files have to be in to be
>> played on a standard Cd player?
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