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I certainly remember Norm Burbank from my NYC daze when working Your Fathers Moustache which included the 18 minute warm up's for the Ed Sullivan Show just before air time. I'll say a prayer for him.

Dave Hanson
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  Norman Burbank ("Stormin Norman") is a self taught OKOM Tuba Player in New
  Jersey who ranks with the best of them. I know he worked in various parts of
  the country and that Dave Hansen in Atlanta gigged with him. I think Dave
  Stoddard in Austin also gigged with him. Thus I post this note about his
  present medical condition as other list mates probably know him also.

  Steve Barbone

  Information is from Norman's son Chris.
  Norm has been suffering from kidney failure and on dialysis for about 2
  months. He suffered a medium sized stroke on Thursday, then this past
  weekend he had a seizure during a dialysis treatment and at this point is in
  ICU and is semiconsious. His wife Donna is also very ill at home. Please
  pass this info on the the boys down south. 

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