[Dixielandjazz] Will Connelly's back ...or side ... whatever.

will connelly willconnelly at bellsouth.net
Mon Nov 12 18:55:40 PST 2007

Good morning, all . . .

It is very good to be back amongst you, and to put to rest any thoughts 
that I might have spun off this mortal coil leaving behind nothing but 
empty Tsing Tao bottles and clam-type notes. On the contrary, a dozen of 
the little green guys, filled, regularly reside close at hand, awaiting 
my attention. The notes are safe and sound ... Or possibly unsound, 
depending on your ear protection) and taste. It should also be evidenr 
that the authorities have not yet gotten my number and consigned me to 
durance vile.

Since late last year, I have been rendered hors de combat by what began 
as a minor heel blister In due course it led me to a score or more of 
South Florida’s less comptent medical practitioners and three hospitals 
that jointly contribute ro this area’s reputation as the fraud capital 
of the western world.
At a fourth hospital, the VA facility in Miami which I graced with my 
presence in July and all of August, I finally found really savvy medicos 
who have just about finished repairing the damage of a butchered (but 
non litigable) amputation of my right leg. I should soon be ready for 
employnent at IHOP, or maybe at a golf course as the guy who punhes 
holes on the greens for sprinkler heads.

Apart from thr significant inconvenience of being bed bound, I am more 
than a little peeved that the surgeon wouldn’t give me the lopped off 
leg so I could have it bronzed, or at least stuffed and made into a 
floor-standimg ashtray.

Sixteen months ago, I took my River Liffey Saloon Jaz Band to a studio 
and recorded 17 of my compositions (notably including The Penis Lament, 
which has not yet made the Top 40 charts) plus Gloomy Sunday. I chose a 
digital studio using Pro Tools thinking I might save $1400 - $1500 in 
studio mixdown by buying some software and doing the mixes on my well 
equipped computer at home. At this late date I am possessed of a $2300 
digital mixer, a yearning to strangle with thier own masculine 
appendagesthe brutally uncooperative tech support people at Pro Tools, 
and a nearly finished CD master. All hope of having it out in time for 
Christmas is gone, so you’ll just have to be patient

Speaking of computers, my present horizontal stste led me to buy an HP 
9000 laptop, which came with the operating system Microslotih should 
have named Viscious. After weeks of frustration and ager, I ripped out 
the hard drive (to prserve my warranty rights) and loaded the new drive 
with XP Pro, which works.

Anyhow, it’s good to be back with DJML.


Will Connelly

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