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Mon Nov 12 12:05:23 PST 2007

The National Park service has five or six illustrated brochures to guide 
visitors on walking tours of Jazz Landmarks in New Orleans. Perhaps you can 
use the photographs from them. Also, check with Dr. Bruce Raeburn, Curator 
of the William Ransom Hogan Jazz Archive of Tulane University's library. He 
surely knows of material you can use.


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> I am putting a leaflet together for my band and am looking for nice jazz
> photos, especially of New Orleans land marks. I can give credits to the 
> the
> photos if used. If they are in digital format that would be great or if 
> you know
> of a copyright free source, I would appreciate that too. Sorry my budget 
> is
> tight so professional prices for photos would not be possible this time 
> around.

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