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Mon Nov 5 14:07:51 PST 2007

How right you are, Jim!
In 1977, my friends and I went to the Nice Jazz Festival (it still
featured jazz in those days).  An Israeli friend bumped into George
Wein, and asked "Why don't you organize a jazz festival in Israel?"
Wein replied: "Your Government has no money."  My friend was terribly
disappointed that "all he's interested in is money," and no
expalnation that, if one was to bring stars like Buddy Tate, Joe
Venuti, Dizzy Gillespie, Earl Hines, to mention just a few of the
musicians we heard, on needed to pay them a lot of money would
convince him.

On 05/11/2007, Jim Kashishian <jim at kashprod.com> wrote:
> >So far, not one musician I have talked with about this is willing to try.
> They all want to be hired employees of someone else's enterprise,
> That is because, Phil, most musicians have spent their whole career doing
> just that.  Being on the creative side of things normally doesn't blend well
> with the business side.  Few musicians, unfortunately, have both sides.
> And, there lies the problem.
> >and then to complain about low wages without doing much of anything about
> that either.
> That is the main occupation of the "employed", and it is very hard for them
> to see the "owner's side" of any argument.  Musicians fall into this
> category in a big way.
> I run my own business along with being a working musician, and will often
> offer up arguments to the guys in the band about the problems of the
> establishment we are playing in.  My words are normally met with scorn &
> misunderstanding.
> In my opinion, a co-op of musicians running a club will normally boil down
> to the one or two members who have the "business side" within them, and the
> rest of the musicians will be the "complainers" & employees, even though all
> members in the co-op would be equal.  And, unfortunately, the business of
> running the joint will end up on the shoulders of the business orientated
> members, and they will end up falling out with the other members.  It's just
> natural.
> Jim
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