[Dixielandjazz] Goldenrod picture and memories...

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It moved after the '87 festival, I think.
So much for getting old I went to a couple of the down town festivals and by 
the way they were very well attended.  I'm sure a lot of money was made and 
it's sad to see them go.

The last St. Charles festival wasn't nearly as well attended.  I believe 
that The Salty Dogs were performing right before Ain't Just Whistlin' Dixie 
and I don't think there were over 50 people in the place.  I had a front row 
St. Louis
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check out the cover of the Original Salty Dog's CD  "Live and Incredible" 
http://tinyurl.com/2lb25x is the page on Webster Records' website.  The band 
is standing on the edge of Wharf St.   Good photo.

I thought the Goldenrod was a National Historic Landmark?  Not to get 
political (NO...do NOT go there!)  but it figures that the current 
government caretakers of our national treasures would allow this.

So very sad.  Larry, the '85 festival was still downtown.  It moved after 
the '87 festival, I think.

Great times on that boat.  Not just the festival, but melodramas and such 
things too.  But the festival...

Thanks Don Franz and everyone else involved, for all those memories!

steve 'not happy at all with that news' hoog

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