[Dixielandjazz] Goldenrod picture and memories...

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It's a sadness that comes over anyone who values the great American 
traditions.  It's more than just jazz or nostalgia over the now defunct 
festivals.  It's the loss of not having something that was a part of 
history.  It's also a loss of personal history and the loss of a personal 
friend to time.

You would think that St. Louis or some other city would spend the money to 
keep it afloat as a museum if nothing else.  Tourists actually do come to 
cities to see such things.  The Goldenrod is a valuable asset to the city 
but I guess that  few in power see it that way.  In a way I can see their 
point of view with the schools tanking and so many essential services that 
need funding with a very reluctant tax base then what's a broken down old 
barge compared to that.  I understand why a private individual might not be 
able to make a go of it but this is really a bigger issue than an individual 
owner and what he might do.

It would take thousands of people protesting the loss at city hall before 
anything would be done and that just isn't going to happen.  The only other 
hope would be for some very wealthy person buy it which again is very 

So much for the value in being designated a national landmark.
St. Louis
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> I have forwarded Don's request on to Don Franz.
> Ginny
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> Great times on that boat.  Not just the festival, but  melodramas and such
> things too.  But the festival...
> Thanks Don  Franz and everyone else involved, for all those memories!
> steve 'not  happy at all with that news' hoog
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