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Steve Barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Thu Nov 1 07:24:03 PDT 2007

on 10/31/07 10:05 PM, baglady4 at juno.com at baglady4 at juno.com wrote:

>If better music is available via
>computer, why would anyone want to listen to human musicians? Or perhaps
>more to the point, why would anyone want to book human musicians?

>******To get those wonderful hugs during the breaks, and we all know..IMO you
>guys react to the audience which produces a superior sound than anything in a
>recording studio. 

>Nancie Beaven: designated appreciator

>Keep laughing, singing, dancing, loving, hugging and keep the music playing

Bless you Nancie. That is exactly the reason. But since so few people,
relatively speaking, go out now to hear live OKOM, they've either forgotten
the reason, or never knew the reason in the first place. So they miss out on
the joy and creativity of jazz in the here and now.

I am somewhat abashed that peer musicians either do not agree, or have not
experienced the Zen of what you say.  Perhaps they need to get out more

As long as you and those like you, travel long distances often, to see live
music in a club date setting, or even, for example, at recording sessions as
guests of Bill Taggart, musicians will continue playing and be the better
for it.

Even those "money grubbing" musos like me will be there to play free at the
annual jazz picnic in the boonies at Fred's Farm  every year to be among our
peers and real fans like you. And sometimes among our long distance peers
like Trevor Rippingale and Michel Bastide, et al. who get their

Cheers & Hugs,
Steve Barbone

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