[Dixielandjazz] Song List

Bill Haesler bhaesler at bigpond.net.au
Wed Jun 27 01:55:15 PDT 2007

>  I just joined this group and have been browsing the archives.  I'm 
> very impressed.
> Does anyone out there know whether there's a discography in existence 
> that
> lists all the known recordings of all known popular songs (Tin Pan
> Alley, show tunes, movie tunes, etc.) as well as jazz tunes, say, from
> the 1890s - 1920s? What I'm envisioning would include all known jazz,
> dance band and vocal recordings as well. It would be basically a song
> list with the known recordings for each one included. Does such a
> discography exist?

Dear Mike,
Welcome to the list.
We are a friendly and knowledgeable lot, but like the 'family' we are 
have occasional differences when it comes to what we term OKOM (Our 
Kind Of Music).
As you can imagine, this varies from person to person.
Regarding your specific query, all I can say is "If only!"
It would be a lifetime project, even though much of the information is 
available. Collating it all is the major problem.
Books like the 4-volume 'The Complete Encyclopedia of Popular Music and 
Jazz. 1900-1950' was a good start, but is now out of print.
There are others, all far from complete.
Tom Lord's 'The Jazz Discography' provides the information on a CD-ROM, 
but you need to search for a specific tune before you can find the 
bands that have recorded it. Not all dance bands are listed, nor are 
the blues singers.
It is why jazz collector/researchers like me have a large library of 
discographies and books.
Perhaps you would like to tell us about yourself.
Kind regards,

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