[Dixielandjazz] Where"s The Melody?

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More and more I am thinking it is not our preferred genre that creates the  
"behind the curve".  It is that so many jazz concerts still put on a  program 
as though the audience sophistication was at the level it was 50 years  ago and 
it just is not.  I don't know how to describe the difference  succinctly 
because it is so many things about polish, professionalism not just  in the music 
making but in the showmanship, the flow, the audience  interaction.  Sure glad 
I got my buns out to the courtyard of a biker's bar  to see the Asylum Street 
Spankers in action.  Followed that up in a  conversation with a friend whose 
daughter who had taken him to a concert by The  Police at the San Francisco 
Coliseum.  Our observations were very similar  about how we saw surprisingly 
fine musicianship, yes, but more than that we were  watching "Performers" who 
understood Show Business.  And yet, my  ticket price was $12, less than I have 
paid for plenty of jazz club concerts,  etc.  Many jazz concerts I can say, the 
music was terrific.  What I  often cannot add, but today's audiences expect 
and can find elsewhere is, "And I  didn't take my eyes or ears from the stage 
because I would miss something  delightful if I did."
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Caveat:  About Pop Music. However it does give one a perspective on melody  in
today's music. This is what's happening "today". IMO, "melody" is  coming
back in popular music. We bsee the melodiuc appreciation in our  young
audiences. Why don't most of us realize that? Perhaps we're still way  behind
the curve in where the music is going.

Steve  Barbone

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