[Dixielandjazz] What's a Musician worth?

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Sun Jun 17 20:33:25 PDT 2007

\And what did you do to earn that tip?

It must have been my good looks.  The people really had a good time but $10 was almost an insult.  People just don't tip bands here ever.  I get a tip about once a year.  I think it's because people think bands are ripping them off and charge too much.  The Midwest isn't the same as the left and right coasts so far as music is concerned.  A good friend of mine gets $200-$250 a pop for playing on weekends.  He's very talented and has had 50 years to build up a clientele.  He tunes pianos and works on pipe organs.  He isn't getting rich.  To make a fair living you have to do that every day.  I understand that even sidemen get that kind of money other places.  My friend has to lug an amp and large keyboard everywhere too so he earns it.

I have a former student who makes pretty good money and gets lots of tips but he's blind. 

While Elizar was in St. Louis I took him out to see a group and there was $10 in their tip jar which they most likely put there for bait.  I dropped in $20 but there wasn't much in there when we left.  A couple of others put something in the jar but they might not have done that if I hadn't.

I guess I'm just venting but the bar girl made a whole lot more than I did, almost triple counting pay and tips.  I know because she told us how much she got for bartending these things.  She was a little unhappy because on this gig she had to claim tips on her taxes.
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