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Glad to read that Teagarden worked in a joint in Boston that also had 
exotic dancer. Haven't we all? :-) VBG.

Just a note that pre-Katrina, the great New Orleans clarinetist Evan
Christopher was gigging in a strip joint in New Orleans. I think he
considered it an integral part of his jazz education.

Steve Barbone"
  That "we all" have worked in venues that also had exotic dancers I admit is quite probable. I did in a joint next to the
  "Brass Rail" in Chicago's Loop in the mid-fifties.
  That I, or Evan Christopher, or any other musician seriously believe it added to our jazz education I rather doubt. 
  To pursue this train of thought a bit- there has been a tendency for "jazz material" to follow the "draw" of earthy
  songs and themes; however, I have always been drawn to
  a more heavenly and mental image of the beautiful sounds.
  That's just me. That's what drove me to the conclusion that
  Jack Teagarden should have been in a concert hall in Boston
  instead of the bar he was playing in. I believed that in the 60's and I believe it now. 

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