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And as a kid living in New Orleans in the late 40's I often went with my dad
down to the "wrong side of town" to sit outside the "minority" dance halls
and lodge halls to hear the "real Dixieland."  The police would come and
tell us we couldn't be there and to move along and dad would ask them if
they had had lunch (or dinner) yet.  They would go on to get dinner somehow
and leave us to listen.  We got sort of accepted in some of the areas, but
mostly were just ignored, but there was a whole lot going on right out in
front of us on the street.  I never felt it hurt me or the music to any
great extent.


Martin D. McKay, Designated Listener (from about age 12) 

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David Richoux wrote:<snip>"By the way, just remember where all this OKOM
music really started - in the dance halls, brothels, bars and "the streets"
- not exactly the "accepted venues" for "polite society." If you study the
history of newspapers I am sure you will find there was an equivalent to the
?alternate newspaper" in those days, and all the bands would have advertised
their performances in such "rags " and they also probably would be refused
by the "mainstream newspapers."
  I started loving OKOM when a young child and I had never
  been, or desired to go to any dive, or bar. I have always seen the
connection with the "dark side" as a curse on good music.
  I particularly recall seeing Jack Teagarden in Boston MA back in the 60's
in a venue that I thought was far "below" his level.
  What a shame!

Gerald "Marty" Nichols
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