[Dixielandjazz] Ridiculous newspaper article

David Richoux tubaman at tubatoast.com
Tue Jun 12 20:53:20 PDT 2007

Sorry Dave,


The Alternative Press reaches much further than the "dope-head"  
market these days and there is no reason at all to scorn a major wing  
of entertainment marketing when one is promoting Jazz. Just look at  
the other (non-porn) advertisers that are in the SN&R and tell me  
that they are wasting their time on a few dozen pimply faced teenaged  

Check out this website: http://aan.org/alternative/Aan/ViewPage?oid=2086
Sacramento News & Review is a member of that organization.

By the way, just remember where all this OKOM music really started -  
in the dance halls, brothels, bars and "the streets" - not exactly  
the "accepted venues" for "polite society." If you study the history  
of newspapers I am sure you will find there was an equivalent to the  
“alternate newspaper" in those days, and all the bands would have  
advertised their performances in such "rags " and they also probably  
would be refused by the "mainstream newspapers."

(Full Disclosure: I have never worked for an Alternative Newspaper,  
but I do read them frequently. The radio station I have been  
associated with for many years has advertised in them and had some  
close associations with a few...)

Dave Richoux

On Jun 12, 2007, at 6:34 PM, David Dustin wrote:

> Bob Ringwald wrote:
> For years an alternate newspaper in Sacramento, the Sacramento News  
> and
> Review, has constantly knocked the Jubilee.  This year we made some  
> headway
> in getting some good press from them.  Then this yahoo (did I say  
> yahoo)?
> wrote the following article.
> ==========================
> Bob, I wouldn’t get my sleeve garter caught in my G-string over  
> this piece
> of trash. The operative phrase here is “alternate newspaper.” That  
> means
> it’s distributed in take-me boxes below booklets touting apartment  
> complexes
> and gay nightlife, and gets its advertising from the local head shops,
> pole-dancing emporia, massage studios, or purveyors of computer  
> games and is
> read by the few dozen pimply faced teenaged boys in Sacramento who  
> idolize
> the movie ‘Dumb and Dumber’ and still know how to read anything  
> larger than
> a cellphone screen. It’s pure dreck confected by some meth-head  
> whose idea
> of reality and journalism owes everything to the late, unlamented  
> Hunter S.
> Thompson. Tell Jill Harper that attempts to reason with idiots, or be
> offended by them, are complete wastes of time.  The mainstream  
> Sacramento
> media definitely are aware of the cultural and economic impact  
> afforded by
> the festival and would not touch this piece of drivel with that  
> clown’s
> bargepole.
> David Dustin

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