[Dixielandjazz] Ridiculous newspaper article

David Dustin postmaster at fountainsquareramblers.org
Tue Jun 12 18:34:50 PDT 2007

Bob Ringwald wrote:
For years an alternate newspaper in Sacramento, the Sacramento News and
Review, has constantly knocked the Jubilee.  This year we made some headway
in getting some good press from them.  Then this yahoo (did I say yahoo)?
wrote the following article.
Bob, I wouldn¹t get my sleeve garter caught in my G-string over this piece
of trash. The operative phrase here is ³alternate newspaper.² That means
it¹s distributed in take-me boxes below booklets touting apartment complexes
and gay nightlife, and gets its advertising from the local head shops,
pole-dancing emporia, massage studios, or purveyors of computer games and is
read by the few dozen pimply faced teenaged boys in Sacramento who idolize
the movie ŒDumb and Dumber¹ and still know how to read anything larger than
a cellphone screen. It¹s pure dreck confected by some meth-head whose idea
of reality and journalism owes everything to the late, unlamented Hunter S.
Thompson. Tell Jill Harper that attempts to reason with idiots, or be
offended by them, are complete wastes of time.  The mainstream Sacramento
media definitely are aware of the cultural and economic impact afforded by
the festival and would not touch this piece of drivel with that clown¹s

David Dustin

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