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To add to Bill's information, Columbia issued 4 CD's of the small group
sides from 1939-1946. One of these was released under Charlie Christian's
name. Furthermore, Mosaic issued its Capitol Small Group Recordings covering
the period from 1944 to 1955. All are long out of print.

In your search for the late 30's and early 40's material, search using
"Charlie Christian" for many of these Goodman sides.

I second, as would many others, Bill's recommendation of World's Records as
a resource.

Stan Brager

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> > Can anyone point me to a (reasonably priced ) collection of ALL the
> > small group stuff (I have
> > a number of these on 45s bought in the 50s, but would love to have
> > them on CD) -- I think
> > this includes trios, quartets, quintets, sextets, and septets.
> Dear Larry,
> RCA 68764 'Benny Goodman. The Complete Small Groups [1935-1939]' has
> all you want of the trios, quartets and one quintet session in a 3-CD
> package. Everything in chronological order, including alternate masters
> and some previously unissued items. With a 20-page detailed and
> informative booklet.
> Great stuff and very well remastered.
> It is currently in stock at Worlds Records, Novato CA for $44.00 plus
> postage.
> [CD Baby, Amazon, Venerable and others in the US may have it a little
> cheaper.
> I have been using Worlds since the days of LP and am still a very
> satisfied customer.]
> BG left Victor in April 1939 and shortly after signed with Columbia. He
> was with them through to 1946.
> This change coincided with the departure of Teddy Wilson and the
> addition of Charlie Christian to the band. It was also the period of
> the quintets, sextets, and septets, the first of which was recorded in
> Oct 1939.
> Benny then signed with Capitol (1946-1949) which produced more small
> group recordings,
> Unfortunately the Columbia and Capitol small group recordings have
> never been reissued as complete chronolgical sets. There were 2
> Columbia 'small group' CDs, but these are now out-of-print. Most of the
> Capitol sides are currently available on CD.
> If you are really interested in the current availability of the
> 1940s-50s BG small groups on CD, I would need to sit down for a few
> hours to work out what is on what.
> As a keen BG collector I have most, if not all, of his recordings up to
> about 1948, then quite a few more from then on.
> Kind regards,
> Bill.

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