[Dixielandjazz] Good musical direction

Robert S. Ringwald robert at ringwald.com
Fri Jun 8 11:40:25 PDT 2007

Bill Sharp wrote In response to: "Bob Romans" <cellblk7 at comcast.net:

> Bob - -Tell him to get Jack Teagarden, far superior to T. Murphy.
> (Probably in my estimation only.  By this mere statement alone I
> anticipate a severe DJML backlash from Murphy-ites,  but hey, opinions are
> opinions, and this aint' Iraq, where you can't have one. Go ahead and
> lash - -I do have a delete button).

Hey Bill, lest you forget, I am the DJML moderator and can cut you off just
like that. . . . Snapping fingers.

Just kidding, of course.

Technically, you are correct.  Teagarden was much superior to Turk.
However, as you would agree I'm sure, technique is not the end all.  Turk
was going for something completely different.  A different style (sound)

What he accomplished was great!  He certainly contributed to Jazz in his own

Bare in mind that my musical taste runs from King Oliver, Bix, Turk, Scobey,
Watters, Condon,
WGJB, Tatum, Brubeck Quartet (1950s, Rob McConnell Boss Brass, GRP Big Band,
Sheldon, etc.

> What was incredible about Murphy was all the musicians he had in his band.

Are you saying he couldn't keep musicians???

--Bob Ringwald

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