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Can't find them - go back to the LP's!  That's how I listen to Lester
Young (oh, and some reel-to-reel tapes).
Whatever - but Lester was too good to skip, despite the critics.
Actually, some of his best recordings, IMO. were recorded in the
period when, according to critics, he could not play anymore.  But
they were with the right copany that inspired him.

On 08/06/07, billsharp <sharp-b at clearwire.net> wrote:
>  In response to: "Bob Romans" <cellblk7 at comcast.net>
> Subject: [Dixielandjazz] Grady Gardenhire, young 'bone player
> Bob - -Tell him to get Jack Teagarden, far superior to T. Murphy.
> (Probably in my estimation only.  By this mere statement alone I
> anticipate a severe DJML backlash from Murphy-ites,  but hey, opinions
> are opinions, and this aint' Iraq, where you can't have one. Go ahead
> and lash - -I do have a delete button).  What was incredible about
> Murphy was all the musicians he had in his band.  Every one of them was
> a ringer, so the kid can't go wrong on that point alone.
> Another interesting thing I think that we frequently do with kids is
> point them only in the direction of musicians that play their
> instrument. . . . . "He's on trombone so immediately give him piles of
> records with trombone players."    It wasn't until much later, almost
> too late that I found out how much you can learn from other outstanding
> musicians, like Lester Young on saxophone.
>  I've told every musician I've ever encountered, especially brass
> players, that if they want to learn to play smooth phrases, you can't
> beat Lester.  I might tell an aspiring player like Grady that, after
> you've paid your dues to listening to trombone players, forget about
> trombone players for awhile and see what you can pick up from other
> instrumentalists.  Listen to good players on albums with no trombone
> players on them. Learn from them also.  This also teaches them to
> listen more closely to what others (not just their instrument) are
> doing.  It's all one big musical package.
>  . . . .now let's see, where'd I put those Lester Cd's . . . ..?
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