[Dixielandjazz] Sacramento Passed Up?

Robert S. Ringwald robert at ringwald.com
Wed Jun 6 23:30:22 PDT 2007

I agree with Steve's comments below . . . . And this really bothers me...

--Bob "Am I losing it???" Ringwald

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> As many know, I am a believer that "we" are to blame that OKOM is not more
> popular with the younger generations. And by "we" I mean "we". Here's an
> example, via a letter to the EDITOR. AMERICAN RAG, in the June Issue:
> "A small group of which I am a member have attended each of the Sacramento
> Jazz affairs, except the first two. We consider ourselves to be serious
> supporters of traditional jazz.
> We are giving the 2007 Jubilee a pass. Future Jubilees will be similarly
> 'passed' if the management of the affair continues on what appears to be 
> its
> current course in the matter of band selection.
> On the bright side, there are still three West Coast Festivals where
> traditionalists can get a proper 'fix', but we will save that subject for
> another day."
> John Doyle
> Windsor California
> Editor Don Jones sent a great response as an Editor's note, which is too
> long to post here except for the first paragraph which said; "I hope you
> realize that passing up the Sacramento Jazz Jubilee will do nothing to
> improve what you feel is lacking in their band selection process."
> Don went on to suggest that these fans put their money where their mouths
> are and financially sponsor their favorite bands, etc.
> As for me, just what the hell is this fan's problem? No trad at Sacto? He
> must have been totally uninformed. He talks generally, but says nothing
> about which bands he felt were slighted, or which bands will appear at the
> "three festivals" that did not appear at Sacramento. Just what does this 
> fan
> expect from a paltry expenditure of an all events badge?
> Max Kaminsky said over a half century ago that one of the big problems 
> with
> trad jazz was the fans themselves who become self-proclaimed experts and
> believe that jazz should revolve around their expertise. By telling the
> musicians what jazz is or isn't, who plays it or not, what instruments
> should be used, and then end up demanding total silence, etc . . . the 
> fans
> are killing it.
> IMO, Mr. Doyle's rant is totally bogus. Sacramento Jubilee (as well as 
> other
> festivals) was ready to fold because of prior mismanagement. The current
> management rescued it. Jill Harper, Bob Ringwald and everyone else 
> involved
> with producing it should be cheered and thanked rather than subject to Mr.
> Doyle's self important rant. Who needs fans like that?
> Fans like him might do us all a favor by staying home and listening to
> records. Make way for the new audience.
> Cheers,
> Steve Barbone
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