[Dixielandjazz] Sacramento Passed Up?

Steve Barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Wed Jun 6 13:05:16 PDT 2007

As many know, I am a believer that "we" are to blame that OKOM is not more
popular with the younger generations. And by "we" I mean "we". Here's an
example, via a letter to the EDITOR. AMERICAN RAG, in the June Issue:


"A small group of which I am a member have attended each of the Sacramento
Jazz affairs, except the first two. We consider ourselves to be serious
supporters of traditional jazz.

We are giving the 2007 Jubilee a pass. Future Jubilees will be similarly
'passed' if the management of the affair continues on what appears to be its
current course in the matter of band selection.

On the bright side, there are still three West Coast Festivals where
traditionalists can get a proper 'fix', but we will save that subject for
another day."

John Doyle
Windsor California

Editor Don Jones sent a great response as an Editor's note, which is too
long to post here except for the first paragraph which said; "I hope you
realize that passing up the Sacramento Jazz Jubilee will do nothing to
improve what you feel is lacking in their band selection process."

Don went on to suggest that these fans put their money where their mouths
are and financially sponsor their favorite bands, etc.

As for me, just what the hell is this fan's problem? No trad at Sacto? He
must have been totally uninformed. He talks generally, but says nothing
about which bands he felt were slighted, or which bands will appear at the
"three festivals" that did not appear at Sacramento. Just what does this fan
expect from a paltry expenditure of an all events badge?

Max Kaminsky said over a half century ago that one of the big problems with
trad jazz was the fans themselves who become self-proclaimed experts and
believe that jazz should revolve around their expertise. By telling the
musicians what jazz is or isn't, who plays it or not, what instruments
should be used, and then end up demanding total silence, etc . . . the fans
are killing it.

IMO, Mr. Doyle's rant is totally bogus. Sacramento Jubilee (as well as other
festivals) was ready to fold because of prior mismanagement. The current
management rescued it. Jill Harper, Bob Ringwald and everyone else involved
with producing it should be cheered and thanked rather than subject to Mr.
Doyle's self important rant. Who needs fans like that?

Fans like him might do us all a favor by staying home and listening to
records. Make way for the new audience.

Steve Barbone

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