[Dixielandjazz] Bob Ringwald: Club 7 at the Firehouse Lot.

Laurence Swain l.swain at comcast.net
Mon Jun 4 08:10:19 PDT 2007

Club 7 at the Firehouse Lot.
     >0326 0950 This is a long URL.  Be sure to get it all on one
    l>ine.  --Bob Ringwald K6YBV

    Bob:: I got the URL on one line, but it brought up


    for reasons unknown to me.

    When referring to a Web address that's as long as the one you showed us,
    it's always better to go to


    and enter the long address there.  At no charge, they'll provide you
    with a short ("tiny") address that will get one to the same
    destination as the longer one, and avoid the problems that are
    associated with different word-wrap behavior of different recipients
    reader software.

    I had tinyurl.com process the URL you posted, and it gave me


    which takes me to the same place, not, I believe, the one you

    Always enjoy your posts, and your playing (we met at Moodus, CT, 2
    years ago).

    Larry Swain
    Backup pianist of the last resort, Greater Boston area

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