[Dixielandjazz] POGO in Ought Eight (was I Go POGO too)

charles coleman charliew8fim at verizon.net
Wed Jan 31 11:44:14 PST 2007

Hi Listees,

David Dustin wrote..."Hmmm.  Pogo + OKOM... Can this be coincidental?  I think it?s all about
words, rhythms, sounds.  Besides being a staller draftsman, Walt Kelly was a
musician of dialog. He wielded and warped words the way a jazz musician
bends notes and inflects a phrase.  Everything felt ?homey? and natural."

Agree, whole heartedly.    Now howabout a groundswell of support for the nomination of Mr. Pogo Possum as our next president.     Nowhere in the constitution does it say that the president has to be a human bean!  Our slogan "We Could Do Worse", or how about "From here on down, it's uphill all the way"     In the immoral words of the former candidate:  "If elected, I will not run.   If nominated, I will not serve."  

Jazz content:   "I'm Just Wild About Harry"  ... Oops, wrong candidate.  8>))

    Regards,    Charlie (Am I kidding or not?) Coleman

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