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Charles Suhor csuhor at zebra.net
Fri Jan 26 09:51:30 PST 2007

Jeff and all--

It depends on where the money was sent, I suspect. Maybe someone who 
lives there now can point to the most dependable place to send money, 
in terms of effective use of it. I trust the habitat/musicians village 
project because it’s sponsored by Connick, Marsalis, and others and I 
see TV coverage now and them that suggests work in progress. I don’t 
have the website for this but it should be easy to Google.

The All About Jazz website had a list of some groups offering help last 
September. Try
Also, there’s the N.O. Musicians Hurricane Relief fund at nomhrf.org/3/
I hope those addresses are good. I believe that Tipitina’s also had a 
fund and there are probably others.

My approach to giving last year was a check directly to a needy group 
in the city. Plus I sent one of my late brother’s clarinets to a 
musician who lost his horns in the storm. I’d like to give a benefit 
concert here in Montgomery if I can find the right players and 

I hope that folks continue to keep the city in mind. Outside of the 
tourist areas, the neighborhoods are still a mess.

Charlie Suhor

On Jan 26, 2007, at 9:18 AM, Jeffmatthews111 at aol.com wrote:

> Hi All,
> I was talking to a musician friend here in the UK yesterday. He has 
> visited
> New Orleans over 25 times and loves the jazz, the city and the people 
> and has
> a  good number of contacts there.
> He was mentioning the money that had been raised around various jazz 
> clubs
> he attends that has been sent to New Orleans to help musicians, etc. 
> However,
> there have been no reports back to say if the money had actually 
> arrived there
>  and if it was being used to help the people it was intended for. He 
> asked me
> to  enquire of you guys on the list to see if you have heard of these 
> funds
> arriving  in New Orleans yet.
> I am putting together a website for my own band plus with links to 
> useful
> information and products which are of interest to 'our audience'. This 
> is the
> result of writing an email to a jazz magazine which was published in 
> January
> 2007. Advice on content and direction sought.
> My stance here in the UK is that rather than only, only, trying to get 
>  young
> people into this jazz style(s), that there are many musicians in the 
> 40+  age
> bracket who want to play this music and will get their instruments out 
> of
> the cellar/garage and start playing again if given the chance.  These  
> people
> will then attend concerts and festivals to hear the 'good guys' and 
> how  they
> really play. They will buy countless C.D.'s as I do. They will also  
> enjoy
> themselves and spread the message that OKOM is good music and fun. The 
>  audience
> will grow and more exposure will be given, if slowly, to this music.  
> Maybe TV
> and Radio will catch on to good jazz again and lose (in the UK) its  
> love of
> the money it can persuade young people to part with.
> By the way, I invite young people to sit in with my band too when they 
> can
> play and do not offend the ears of the band or the audience or 
> embarrass
> themselves family or friends. Older people too get a look in as I did 
> when I was
> re-starting playing. I am so grateful for the opportunity I was given.
> I suggested that bands in the UK could 'register' their acceptance of 
> the
> occaisional 'sitter in' who was competant to play and that there 
> should be a
> register of 'mentor musicians', not necessarily music teachers at all 
> times, who
>  would help with this education of new want to be players.  It seems 
> to me
> that this is the way many of our hero players learnt their trade - by 
> sitting
> next to great players who passed on the trade.
> I hope my website, if I can get it built, will house this type of 
> register.
> Ideas, suggestions?
> I also suggested that some of the hero players whose L.P's and C.D.'s 
> we
> have bought over the years and whose concerts we have attended might 
> like to
> 'give a little back' by helping others coming up the ladder.  I see 
> this
> happening all of the time on the list via wonderful tips from Steve 
> and Tom and  many
> others. Thank you for that gentlemen.
> By the way, I was talking with a great clarinet player from the trad 
> era
> (and current) recently, a real pro player and he was extremely 
> generous in his
> advice. It can be done.
> OK, this is not the total answer, but it is a step, I feel in the right
> direction.
> Guys, please be positive in your feedback. Thank you.
> Jeff Matthews
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