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Hi Folks:

I happen to be the Booking agent for one of the most successful Cartoon 
music bands in the History of Music, which when you read about them 
following you might just (MIGHT)  get the picture straight and 
understand what Steve and I are actually talking about and not dissing 
Cartoon music at all:  As a matter of fact we have both spoken highly 
of it, and only tried to reiterate that it was very influential on 
later forms of Jazz, Hot, Cold Smooth, Retro, Avante Garde, or what 
ever form or style that rings your personal chimes.

Have any of you ever seen the Block Buster Movie "SHREK"  a modern day 
great Cartoon featuring the music of Sly And the Family Stone, a group 
responsible for writing and recording multi Platinum Albums before they 
adapted their music and hit songs for this movie.

The folks making cartoon today are using music that is more appropriate 
to the audiences they are catering to in today's world and most of the 
animators and cartoon developers today are guess what "YOUNG PEOPLE"  
who did not grow up with this music and I would venture to say some 
have never even heard it or of it since they are solidly in the 
computer world.

So in my hopefully final words on the subject, Those two band play very 
well and excellent music "Hot Jazz" to some, but not Hot Jazz to others 
who have a different interpretation of what HOT JAZZ is, and we are all 
entitled to our own opinions and tastes and should not have to argue 
about it, we are usually ALL correct, just listening differently to and 
for different things in OKOM  which all gets lumped into Jazz.

I have played on festivals where there were 10,000 people paid to hear 
Gatemouth Brown,  who did play some very Hot Jazz when he wanted to yet 
remained a BLUES Legend.

Funny thing happens when you travel the world in the music industry,  
You get bigger ears and a greater appreciation of and for all kinds of 
music that falls well into the genre of Jazz.  I tend to find that if 
it is soulful, swings, and is played by Black Musicians from the USA it 
is pretty much considered Jazz by the rest of the world.   I would not 
be surprised in the future to see HIP HOP AND RAP BILLED ON SOME JAZZ 

Ask almost any 10-13 year old kid you meet in the USA what Jazz is and 
they might tell you the name of a Basketball team from Utah or some 
place, but they have no idea what Jazz Music is of any kind.   So who's 
fault is that ?  I have taught my grandkids to know that the music they 
hear behind the classic cartoons is JAZZ, but then they are privileged 
kids they are in a Jazz family.   It is a lot easier to get them to sit 
down and watch the old classic cartoons and teach them about Jazz than 
it is to just try and hook them with the music alone.


Tom Wiggins

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    Gee Whiz guys, you unfairly paint Wiggins and me as dissing cartoon 
claiming that you know we do, our protestations to the contrary.

What you all forget is that the main reason those in our old folks age
bracket in the USA are so wired into Dixieland Jazz is because it was
imprinted on our brains as cartoon music. We owe much of our musical 
to it. Many of us did not consider it "Art Music" then and we don't now.

Most of us went to the Sat Matinees as kids and saw 5 or 6 cartoons in 
this music was played. We associated it with some wonderful visuals and 
were involved in "jazz" from about age 6 on. Is it possible that the 
lack of
OKOM cartoon music in the present generations has something to do with 
ignorance and/or appreciation of OKOM?

We then transferred that musical love to the kind of jazz Condon, or Lu 
Turk or Louis played.

Forgive us if our tastes have changed a bit from cartoon music to
improvisational jazz.  In the historical context, cartoon music is 
fine. To
try and make it something it is not, e.g. "hot jazz" is reaching a bit 
the ears of guys like Tom and me, but is still OK if you like it.

Want to turn kids on to Dixieland today? Give em some "hot jazz" as 
by Randy Reinhart et al and back cartoons with it.

Steve Barbone

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