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OK, Larry, I'll confess I've been having fantasies about you this  morning.  
'Cause see you have access to a Shriner's Youth Orchestra--I  think it is, 
rather than a band.  I would like to see a 20's  dance orchestra for youth, 
member composition and arrangements on the  order of sound samples one can check 
for San Francisco Starlight Orchestra. SFSO  has full complement of four 
violins.  Then I would like to see them doing  tunes like the one on YouTube of 
Egyptian Ella by Pasadena Roof Orchestra (  ?, but they have no violins).  Also was 
checking some sound samples of New  Leviathan Oriental Foxtrot Orchestra 
where their tenor sax player also uses  bassoon.
As my fantasy continues, we have some senior jazzers volunteering to sit in  
with these youth as this group gets underway.  I'm even fantasizing about  
getting a grant from somewhere, Missouri Arts Council for example, or the  
Missouri Apprenticeship Program for lost arts/crafts.
I'll help.  (I even have a contact to SLSO.)  But I don't have  music 
educator credentials, and you do!  I was just reading in the week-end  post what a 
rage the Broadway produced "High School Musical" now is in  high schools.  I 
think our youth are ready to advance to better  music than that score.
PS: Links: San Francisco Starlight Orchestra 
>_http://www.johnhoward.com/sfso.htm_ (http://www.johnhoward.com/sfso.htm) <
                  New Leviathan Oriental Foxtrot Orchestra 
(http://members.aol.com/JCraft9586/NewLeviathan.html) <
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Ask if  you can sponsor an after school jazz club.  When I was in HS I was in 
the jazz club.   Schools are a bit spooky about outside people  today but if 
they check you out they might be receptive.  After all  they are getting 
something for free.
St.  Louis

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