[Dixielandjazz] Blanks and Records

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I suspect that Marek does not know how to turn off HTML.

Perhaps someone can determine what e-mail client he is using & can instruct 
him on how to do so.

--Bob Ringwald

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>I think I have the answer to Marek's difficulties posting, well, at least
> this is why my last try didn't go through.
> HTML, baby, HTML.  Turn off Rich Text Editors, HTML formatting, whatever 
> the
> phrase is for your mail editor.  I'm using a different PC this weekend, 
> and
> that's what I get for visiting family!  Of course, Marek may have tried 
> that
> already.
> But, to the topic of LP storage.  Guitar shops still sell little practice
> amps, 10-15 watts, and that's what I've had my vinyl in for 10 years now.
> Just maybe, the boxes are slightly different sized now, but the Crate and
> Fender boxes from 10 years ago were perfect.  They hold 20 each, and they
> were free.  Get thyself to a banjo shop that also sells modern
> monstrosities.
> ;)
> steve "now, let's see if this really worked" hoog
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