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Raymond Scott wrote "serious" music for his sextette and big band. It was
not "cartoon" music. However, Call Stallings used many of Scott's themes and
arrangements as the music director for many of Warner Brothers' "Loony
Tunes" cartoons. Stallings also used snippets of themes and arrangements by
other composers as well his own writing.

Among my favorite Scott compositions are "Twilight In Turkey", "Powerhouse",
"Huckleberry Duck", "In an eighteenth Century Drawing Room", "The Toy
Trumpet" and "Christmas Night In Harlem".

Scott wrote music for commercials, Music for Babies (a series of pieces to
enhance the life experiences of babies) and experimental music for
electronic instruments of his own design (he was a contemporary of Robert

Stan Brager
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> I don't see anything pejorative about the term "cartoon" music,
> especially if you are referring to real cartoon music such as the work
> of Raymond Scott.  He led a sextet that would probably qualify as OKOM.
> -- Paul

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