[Dixielandjazz] Phil Zito

Martin Jelsema mjelsema at comcast.net
Sat Jan 13 16:37:44 PST 2007

Hello everyone:


I'm new to the forum. It's refreshing to know there are other fans of
Dixieland music.


Back in the early 1950's, I obtained a four-record box of 45 rpm Columbia
recordings by Phil Zito's band. He was a New Orleans drummer I remember, and
I believe Pete Fountain and George Girard were on the front line. Anyway, my
mother gave away that set, along with another 10-12 albums when I went away
to university. I have never seen those recordings re-issued, either on lp or
CD. Does anyone know if they were ever re-issued, or how I might obtain
copies from the originals?


Martin Jelsema





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