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And that's only part of the story.  His web site is American Music  CARAVAN.  
One of his groups is SULTANS OF SWING.  Several groups have  the name Sheik 
in the title.  Why, why, why? :?).  I have never ask  Dave why, but I deduced 
there was a relationship between his titles and his bio  which is on the page 
copied here.  Scroll to the bottom for his "real life"  bio.  But as I was 
skimming his music bio (again), I just noticed that he  "hates" ride cymbals-- and 
have now given him even more esteem that he already  had for being so helpful 
to me on several occasions over the past couple of  years.
(http://americanmusiccaravan.com/davepage.html) <
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wonder  what they think of SHEIK Littelfield's fake books :))

Tom  Wiggins

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