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Charlotte Sun (Port  Charlotte, FL)
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Be there or be square for Lewis jazz concert  
January 12, 2007 
The new year is already slightly  frantic at the Punta Gorda Chamber of 
Commerce, as it prepares for two major  events in the next 10 days. 

This coming weekend, the chamber is sponsoring an arts and crafts  fair on 
Sullivan Street in downtown Punta Gorda, with the customary assortment  of cool 
junk ranging from candles to ceramics. The hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.  
Saturday and Sunday. Call 941-639-3720.

Also, John Wright, chamber  president, reports that tickets are going 
reasonably fast for the second annual  Punta Gorda Wine & Food Festival, Jan. 20 at 
Gilchrist Park.

Jazz  pianist Ramsey Lewis will be headlining the festival entertainment. 
What can I  say? Lewis has been a major jazz and pop artist for as long as I've 
been alive,  and I'm no kid anymore.

Brief editorial: Everywhere I've worked in the  news business, I've had to 
listen to folks complain about the lack of  entertainment in their community.

But when I look at the facts, I'm  always surprised at how many big-name 
artists still play one-nighters in smaller  markets. However, you have to catch 
them before they're gone. And it's hard to  keep track of who's playing at the 
local palladium when you're busy complaining  about how there's "nothing to do."

The chamber has also enlisted a couple  of strong local acts to open for 
Lewis. There's Mike Currao and His  All-American Banjo Team -- a great name, 
because there's no instrument more  purely American than a banjo.

Currao performed and taught in the New York  City area for about 40 years 
prior to retiring to Punta Gorda. According to  Currao's bio, one of his many 
gigs was entertaining at the dedication of the  World Trade Center, back in 
happier days.

Also performing will be local  drummer Mike Nickelson and his classic rock 
band, Low Rent.

Syd Kitson,  chief executive officer of Kitson & Partners, the developers of 
Babcock  Ranch, will be answering questions Jan. 16 on the Debrorah & Rocky 
Show, on  WCCF, 1580 AM. Local broker Debra Meredith-Peters and builder Rocky 
Farhat  co-host this real estate call-in show. Air time is 11:05 a.m.  

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