[Dixielandjazz] The axe!

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Mon Feb 5 13:02:36 PST 2007

Hi Jim,
That story is on page 17 of Dennis Owsley's new book, "City of Gabriels"  
attributed as an action of Fate Marable, Mississippi Riverboat Bandleader in the  
early 1900's.  Probably a security violation in today's world so take those  
cruise gigs without fear of getting axed.  :?)
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jim at kashprod.com writes:

A fellow  musician told me a story the other day from his years working in
bands on  cruise ships (in the 1980's).  There was one band leader who  was
rather demanding.  If a musician wasn't cutting it (reading,  etc.), the
bandleader would remove one of the "fire axes" off the wall near  their
cabins.  When the musician came to rehearsal he would find an  axe laying on
his chair!
He then knew he was to be put off the  ship.

As a "people person", I would say that particular band leader  needed a few


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