[Dixielandjazz] Left Handed BG

Robert Newman bobngaye at surewest.net
Sun Sep 3 10:19:18 PDT 2006

Speaking of left handed reed instruments.     Benny Goodman was obviously good on his right-handed Selmer clarinet back in the 30s and 40s but he was also a master of his beloved specially built left handed Remles clarinet.     This is illustrated definitely in the famous Al Hirschfeld cartoon of Benny on the cover of Rachel's booklet AN EVENING IN MEMORY OF BENNY GOODMAN, and also in perfect detail in a photograph on page 15 of the SWING, SWING, SWING booklet accompanying the Yale University CDs Volumes 1 - 5.

I also saw Benny playing left handed in Tacoma, Washington in 1940, although his back was to the audience.     Every time he played right handed he turned around and faced us.

Bob Newman

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