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> Pardon my ignorance, but I don't speak French. I got to the TSF site, but 
> how do you access the music? I see most of the links use RealPlayer or 
> MediaPlayer, but the icon of the program TSF uses is not familiar tro me. 
> Thanks. 
> Steve Pendleton 


My high-school French lessons got me through to where I could listen. 

TSF is what the French call radio -- telegraphie sans fils -- literally telegraphy without wires. 

The tab on the home page you should click on is ECOUTER L'ANTENNE. Ecouter is "to 
hear, or listen". 
A small window will apear -- the message means "searching for plugins" -- and the music 
begins shortly thereafter. 
Hope this helps. 

Larry Swain 

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