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Hi Roger and all:

We will:  unfortunately the long long trip and travel for us was indeed 
exhausting ( 48 hours straight for the guys from S.F. Bay area,  Tom 
Wiggins, Johnny Wilder, Bob Romans, James Levi, and Marc Bolin) :   a 
little less for Steve Barbone and Paul Grant, but Buddy Apfel also had 
a long trip, having missed a flight out of Phoenix and having to lay 
over in New York on the way over.

We also had a missed flight on the way back, and had to lay over in NY 
so I only got home yesterday, and jet lag is not helping the brain 
recover at all.  We left Eilat at 3;00 A.M. ON FRIDAY MORNING , after 
our last concert finished at 12:00 a.m.  :))  and got to bed in NY at 
12:00 P.M. ON FRIDY NIGHT IN NY AND UP AGAIN AT 3;00 a.m. to get thru 
security and make a &;15 flight to San Francisco.   Does not sound too 
bad until your factor in that Israel is seven hours ahead of NY time 
and ten hours ahead of S.F. time.

Did we enjoy it? you bet, and would we do it again tomorrow, I think 
the answer to that would also be Yes from all of us, it was a great 
experience and nothing is better than being on the road again making 
music with your friends.  It was a special treat for me to be able to 
hand pick some DJML list mates and have them accept the invitation to 
go and play these concerts, I doubt that any one of them would not be 
willing to go again to Eilat or any where else I invite them to 
perform.  we were treated with respect ( which by the way as mentioned 
by Steve )  we definitely earned with the first song)   :))   We proved 
once again many of the things that Steve Barbone and I have been 
preaching about on this list for several years.

I sincerely wish all of you could have been there with us, and I know 
most of you were in spirit, rest assured the boys all performed 
splendidly and made you and me very proud.

We will post more as the brain comes back into focus, and Bob has some 
digital photos as well which I am sure he will be proud  to share with 
you all.   I expect to have some as well shortly.

Eilat:  Nice place to visit, but would not want to live there :))   
about 110 degrees most of the day and not a lot cooler in the nighttime 
either.   wonderful people and fantastic hospitality.   Loved the Camel 
Crossing signs along the highway. :))  And we did see some wild camels 
as well as donkeys.   We all received a certificate of appreciation 
 from the Minister of Tourism Mr. Isaac Herzog, naming us as a Tourism 
Goodwill Ambassador for Israel.   To go along with their title for us " 
Ambassadors of New Orleans".


Rev. Rabbi Tom-Bob Wigginstein

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  Whilst you and Tom Wiggins were off to the Red Sea Festival it was a 
bit quieter here on DJML. Those who remained stepped up and kept things 
interesting but it was quieter nonetheless. 
   I, for one, was looking forward to accounts of the trip, the 
performances, and the general experience of the event from both of you 
upon your return. Please don't disappoint us. Take some time to adjust 
to being back home and to let all of the experiences sink in, and then 
share some of those experiences with us. 

 Roger Wade 
 Really Old Records 
 On Sep 2, 2006, at 2:20 AM, Steve Barbone wrote: 
  >> As I write this I am listening to your CD " To Mack With Love" >> 
loudly so the 
  >> neighbours will get grooving as well. I will be playing several >> 
tracks on 
  >> Sunday night and for many weeks to come on my regular Jazz show >> 
called " 
 >> Jazz Me Blue" 
 > Fra Mike asks: 
 > Is your show webcast?, 
 > ------------ 

  > No Mike and others it is not. I inadvertently sent that message to > 
the DJML 
  > when it was meant as a contact for someone else. Just a little > 
tired from 4 
 > glorious days in Israel and gigs here on Labor day weekend. 
  > The program referred to is "The Voice Of The Red Sea" broadcast on > 
FM radio 
  > from Eilat Israel. It was referring to The Ambassadors Of New 
  > performance at the Red Sea Jazz Festival. That band was put > 
together by Tom 
  > Wiggins who graciously included list mate Bob Romans and me, along > 
with John 
 > Wilder, Buddy Apfel, James Levi and Paul Grant. 

  > That merry band of unknowns held court on the main stage (largest > 
  > there) at the festival. Got extensive radio and TV coverage while > 
  > Kicked ass and took names at the concerts and the jam sessions. > 
  > successfully for audience against some very fine internationally 
  > modern jazz musicians. Drew a YOUNG AUDIENCE of about 5000 who paid 
 > separate venue charge to see them perform and were not disappointed. 
  > Even had a 300 fan mosh pit in front of the stage at the second > 
  > Hugging and kissing all those girls, but then, you don't want to > 
know about 
  > that show business stuff because music has only suddenly become > 
visual and 
  > many OKOMers don't like that. Besides, you know what Louis > 
Armstrong said 
 > about kissing and The Church doesn't like that, except under certain 
 > circumstances. :-) VBG. 
  > What? Give me a break, Italian Opera was visual hundreds of years > 
ago. So 
  > were Louis Armstrong, Louis Prima, and before that ODJB and Tom > 
Brown's Band 
 >> From Dixieland as well as Spike Jones and countless others. 
  > (If anybody does want to know about Eilat and The Red Sea Jazz > 
  > write me off list. It was extraordinary, especially for some of the 
> band 

 > members who had not experienced connecting with young fans before.) 
 > Cheers, 
 > Steve Barbone 

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