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First of all, thanks for coming down to help!  You can catch the last "Nickel a Dance" with Mark Breaud on Sunday the 5th, Cafe Brazil at 4 PM; the Palm Court has the usual suspects; Fritzel's is going strong, and there are two new places: Harrah's new hotel has a very nice jazz bar in the back of the restaurant -- it's expensive and the bartender doesn't believe in giving change (bring lots of singles), but it's a lovely venue.  Then, there's another new club at 300 Decatur.  I haven't been there yet, but some of the musicians seem to enjoy it.  The good performers start late though, and the food is expensive.
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Will be in New Orleans November 3-13, volunteering with Habitat for Humanity in 
their Musicians Village.  Have looked at the usual places - offbeat, nola, etc., 
but does anybody have other suggestions on music during that time?


Tim Eldred
Roseville, CA
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