[Dixielandjazz] Music in New Orleans in November

Norman Vickers nvickers1 at cox.net
Mon Oct 30 07:29:37 PST 2006

Tim Eldred inquired about Music in New Orleans in early November.


Go to Offbeat.com and click “music listings” They have an extensive list of
when and where they’re playing.  Also you can check categories of music to
include your favorites.  Also, the music magazine Offbeat is distributed
free around the city.  Your hotel will have one.  The Jazz Society of
Pensacola, since we’re only 200 miles away, pays for a subscription because
we’re always getting inquiries, members and non-members, about who’s playing
where and when.


For those who’re not acquainted with it, Palm Court Jazz Café, on Decatur
Street near the back of the French Quarter, is a kind of headquarters for
those interested in traditional jazz.  Nina Buck is the proprietress.  They
serve good food at reasonable prices Wed-Sat.  Nina’s husband, George, is
the owner of Jazzology and many other record labels.  He collects record
companies like most of us collect CDs. Always keeps his recordings in print.
Search internet for Jazzology records, join the club for $5 (lifetime fee,
provided you buy one CD/year).  Order something and get their extensive
catalog—you’ll be amazed!   Palm Court hires older musicians with younger
ones to fill in where needed.  


Snug Harbor, on Frenchman Street, at the back of the Quarter, across
Esplanade, hires excellent musicians.  They feature more modern music.
Famous father, pianist Ellis Marsalis plays on Friday nights when in town.


Hope this helps. When you go, tell Palm Court and Snug Harbor that Vickers
from Pensacola sent you!

Send me a report, Tim, when you get back.  We always like to have feedback
as it helps us when we give advice in the future.



Norman—we’re all ignorant, just about different things--Vickers



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