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Hi Steve:

Les Vogt, is an excellent writer and apparently has about as many years 
in the business of music as you and I have.

I have posted many similar articles on the Sonicbids site, and find it 
refreshing to read Les Vogts articles, which means I am not always the 
only voice crying in the wilderness and musical abyss.   And yes you 
are absolutely correct about experience, and learning from our mistakes 
how to get better at marketing to new buyers and reaching new audiences 
on a daily basis.   90% of our work is indeed looking for the other 10% 
of work on the stages.   I also refer his articles to the Sonicbids 
artists as well, all 82,000 + of them.


Tom Wiggins

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    A while back, someone asked me off list if I had any information 
stored on
my computer about contract negotiation, promotional packages etc. I 
and I forgot who asked. However, "isound" has just made an enormous 
of information relating to contracts, promotion, press kits, getting 
gigs etc., available at the below web site. It is a gold mine for 
professionals who are seriously interested in making a living in the 
business, and/or those who seek to increase their gig count and 
earnings in
the hobby end of the music universe.


Once there, also click on the "Articles" on the left side of the page 
more insight about the business of music. GOOD STUFF

Yes much of it reads like Tom Wiggins wrote it. Has "isound" been 
his stuff? Nah, just that solid business experience rules. :-) VBG

Steve Barbone

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