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Cebuisle2 at aol.com Cebuisle2 at aol.com
Thu Oct 26 08:00:59 PDT 2006

Jim is probably correct in his description of the problems of teaching  
students. Most of the clarinet players I started over the years stuck with  it for 
at least a year or two, trombonists gave up by the score after a few  weeks. 
In addition to the bleating and mooings that the horn is capable of, the  slide 
positions are a wonderland for kids. Always had more trouble finding a  
trombone than a clarinet. However, the reed embouchure can also be lost from  
Recently bought a used clarinet for my adult son, who once played one in  the 
school band. Tried it out before giving it to him as a gift. Couldn't get  
anything above the octave key!!
Lat's hear it for those dedicated 'bone  players--                         Ted

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