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I remember Banu Gibson in NYC in 1968 when we were both working for Your Fathers Moustache. We went to the Ed Sullivan theatre to "warm" up the audience 18 minutes before they went on the air. She was often with the band as a "Flapper" and sang. That was long before she played the banjo and had her own band, but what a beautiful gal she was and very popular. I was on the Sullivan 1968 Christmas TV show and I believe she was as well, or at least one of those shows the year before or after.

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  I first heard it performed by Banu Gibson on the "Oh, Jazz Me" album.  Liner
  notes indicates the following information.

  Radio, believe it or not, is a comparatively "new" song composed by Bob
  Marcus and introduced to Banu by Jazz banjoist, Eddy Davis.  This recording
  of "Radio" has served for the past several years as the theme song of WWIW,
  New Orleans' popular nostalgia radio station.

  One time when I saw Banu in concert, she mentioned that the song was
  originally written for a TV special.  Who?  I can't remember at the moment,
  but for some reason Rudy Vallee comes to mind.

  The album has been reissued on CD and is now titled:  Vintage Banu

  For a quick listen:  http://jazzbymail.com/Streams/so109_1.rm

  I've got it on another album by the Buffalo Ridge Jazz Band on their "High
  Society" album.  No writeup or liner notes with the CD.

  Basic lyrics go:

  Radio, remember radio?
  We'd sit and close our eyes and use our imagination.
  Comedy, mystery, fireside chat.
  Together we sat listening nightly to our favorite shows.
  Radio, why did you ever go?
  Oh, won't you please come back and entertain us?
  I long to turn that dial again and hear the past an' smile again.
  Radio I miss you so.

  I think I have somewhere a taped interview when she was interviewed by a
  local dj.  If I can find it perhaps that song is also mentioned there.  Time
  to do some digging into my tape collection......

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  >      Any listmate know anything about the above tune? It's a lament for
  > the "good old days" of radio, but the performer didn't know who wrote
  > it, when published, etc.
  > I'm sure someone on the list does!  TIA
  > Bert
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