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That is incredible!  They should be running that to advertise for drug  
rehab.  Wish I knew the rest of the story. :>)
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A while  back we had a thread about nodding off on the band stand. If that
interests  you, take a look at this Duke Ellington clip on Youtube: Gonsalves
is on  the left side of the sax section as you look at the video. Also, dig
Jimmy  Hamilton's clarinet solo. IMO, one of the most underrated clarinet
players  in jazz.

>From another chat list:

I was looking at some  old Ellington video clips on  youtube.com
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tUCj1jc9AuE  (complete  video)
and captured this incredible screen-shot from a clip of  Perdido.

Paul Gonsalves, in his usual spot on the left end of the sax  section,
has been using way too much of a good thing and has nodded off  with
his horn still in his mouth. Notice his left hand lying in his  lap.
He doesn't move for the entire seven minutes of the song.  Jimmy
Hamilton had to put down his clarinet and take Gonsalves'  solo.
Also, check out the look he's getting from Johnny  Hodges
Meanwhile, Duke just ignored him.

Steve  Barbone

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