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Chuck Slate has for the past 40 years run one of the top trad jazz bands in
New Jersey.  His sidemen like Marty Ross and Larry Weiss, Bobby Gordon are
legendary for their prodigious talents.

Rick Knittel from this list could tell you more.

Jack Bryce

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> I bought this cd not knowing anything about the group Wild Bull was
playing with.
>   "Chuck Slate Traditional Jazz Band, Vol. One 1970."
>   I just figured it was worth the price to hear the "man" in a different
>   than the "usual" ,i.e., with the Condon gang.
>   I confess, not knowing who Chuck Slate is, I expected to hear Davison
struggling along
>   with a local band that was probably pretty incompetent in comparison to
the "Wild one."
>   However; I was surprised to hear several tracks of hot jazz that sounded
exactly like what
>   one would have heard at Condon's place "back in the day."
>   If anyone is informed about those guys in Slates group, please inform
me. My guess
>   is that all of them had been playing as "subs" or even regulars at
Condon's at one time or another. So many instances of doing it just as the
Condon gang would have- breaks, riffs,
>   tags, etc.  Personnel:
>   Davison-cornet
>   Chuck Slate -drums
>   Marv Ross-clarinet
>   Marty Bergen-trombone
>   Lou Levi-piano
>   Warren Vache Sr.-bass
>   Incidently, I have put "fresh" mp3's on myspace.
>   http://myspace.com/freemarty
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