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Geez, one more time to wish I was in Sacramento tomorrow!  Those who  are 
nearby will regret it if you do not go hear Scott play and sing!
I also am posting to say a word to list banjo players about the  archtop jazz 
guitars which Scott builds.  I have one of his  plectrums.  A couple of weeks 
ago I took it to a free bop workshop on  improvisation that was being done by 
Webster University music faculty.  I  knew it would be OK to go ahead and 
take a seat in such a workshop when I  took it out of it's case and the faculty 
guitarist/professor of jazz studies,  said, "An Eddie Condon guitar".  Of 
course, mine was the only four-string  there, but I had to stay after the workshop 
so all the six-stringers there could  admire it fully--and yes, they did.
There are less expensive ways to have new round hole plectrum or tenor  
guitars built.  But I wanted an f-hole archtop cut-away.  I reasoned  correctly 
that someone of Scott's hearing and performance ability would not  build me one 
he would not be satisfied with for himself.
My GGRM plectrum guitar finally get's to make it's gig premier this  New 
Year's Eve.  (I've had it just over a year.)  The guy who asked if  I could do the 
gig said, "Bring the guitar too."
So, if owning such is on your list do check out the web location. 
_http://www.santhony.com/ggrm/anthony.html_ (http://www.santhony.com/ggrm/anthony.html) < 
P.S. I don't think Scott makes much on these, but he needs to.  Every  time I 
run into him he is instrument shopping/purchasing. LOL
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You are  invited to the Sacramento Traditional Jazz Society's monthly Jazz
Sunday  get together on October 8, 2006, noon - 5:00 PM.

The special guest star  will be banjoist and guitarist Scott Anthony from San
Francisco,  CA.

Scott Anthony played intermissions for 8 years at Turk Murphy's  famous night
spot Earthquake McGoon's. While there, he formed what became  the Golden Gate
Rhythm Machine, a 7-piece band in the San Francisco style,  which he still
leads today. Scott also plays in Bob Schulz's Frisco Jazz  Band.

Scott was born in Summit, New Jersey, into a family that loved  music, but
no particular instrumental or performance talent aside  from a brother and
who took piano lessons. Scott took a year of  piano lessons when he was 8
years old,
but "choked" during his first  recital playing "The Teddy Bear's Picnic."
He played trombone  for a few years in junior high and sang in the public
choir, but  one evening when he was 11, Scott heard a banjo and was hooked.
For  lack
of a better instrument, he began playing with a ukulele his father had  until
gave him his first banjo -- a tenor and a really terrible  instrument -- but
one that
subsequently got worn out with use. The next  summer at camp, he discovered a
banjo and  switched.

Since then, Scott has played banjo constantly. He appeared on  Ted Mack's
Hour in 1962 and played 4 years during college with  the Dartmouth 5.  After
Scott played weekend jobs for  about 3 years with a piano-tuba-banjo trio in
New Jersey
with Joe Tarto  on tuba. When Joe cut back to one night from two, Scott's
piano  partner,
Walt Pedersen, asked him to learn to play bass pedals which he has  continued
to do
when playing solo since then.

After moving to San  Francisco in 1974, Scott played solo banjo and bass
for over a  year until he got the best performing job ever: eight years  as
performer for the Turk Murphy Jazz Band at the last four  of the five
different Earthquake
McGoon's locations.

Scott took  up guitar a few years ago. Wanting a good instrument  without
money to buy one, he began building archtop jazz guitars.  Visit his Web site
at and
see some of his artwork:  www.santhony.com/

The fun begins at noon on the Main Stage with a youth  Jazz band from West
Sacramento.  Scott will be featured on the 2nd and  4th sets.  The 3rd set
will feature norm echols Swingtime Band, a  12-piece big band.

For more info and  directions,  see:


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