[Dixielandjazz] 5 Flats was Star Dust

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Which reminds me of something said by the violinist and Stooge Larry Fine:
"I once played in five flats and got thrown out of every one of 'em."

Hal Vickery

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Steve Barbone asked, probably with tongue firmly inserted in cheek: 

> Which brings up an interesting question. Since there are only 
> five black keys in a piano scale, where/what is the 6th flat 
> in Gb? :-) VBG.

For the benefit of anyone who really wants the answer to that question

The sixth flat in the Key of Gb is C Flat, which is enharmonic to B
The seventh flat in the Key of Cb is F Flat, which is enharmonic to E

Personally, when I noodle around on the piano (which is seldom), I
prefer the key of B (5 sharps) because it's almost all black keys.  And
of course the entire key is enharmonic with the key of Cb.

(By golly, Mrs. Beckman was right.  She said that all those semesters in
her music theory classes would come in handy some day .....)

Jim O'Briant
Gilroy, CA

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