[Dixielandjazz] Key of D flat and Stardust

Steve & Cathy Pendleton bestofbreed at alltel.net
Wed Oct 4 10:42:36 PDT 2006

If I ever knew the correct key for Stardust, I forgot it long ago.  
Picked up the 'bone this morning and tried it out in D-flat.  Speaking of
instruments and where they sound the best, the tune in this key is super for
the trombone, IMHO.  Besides, Hoagy's song is very easy here; except for the
D-flats, everything (positions) is/are as convenient as in the keys of B
flat or F, and much easier than C.
My horn(s) sounds the best, to my ear (but then, my wife tells me I'm half
deaf), in D or G keys.
Any thoughts?
Steve Pendleton
A little North of Atlanta

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